What is SpingBall™?

  1. The SpingBall™ is a revolutionary practice tool for cricket batting and wicket-keeping.
  2. It is a synthetic ball with special aerodynamics and physical characteristics.
  3. It swings in the air and deviates off the surface when it is thrown straight.
  4. With SpingBall™ one can replicate any kind of variation a human bowler can bowl.
  5. SpingBall™ does not need an expert bowler to throw.
  6. Anybody can throw SpingBall™ and create variations consistenlty with least effort.
  7. It can be used on any playing surface and best suited for knocking drills.
  8. Its easy to replicate legendary balls like Wasim Akram Swing and Shane Warne spin with SpingBall™.
  9. This unique innovation is designed to develop reflexes, hand eye coordination, foot work and timing of batsman.

Explore Why coaches and players like SpingBall™

  • Gautham Gambhir| Player
  • "The spingball is a great innovation. Very helpful for practice sessions. It’s very challenging for batsman as you have to play ball late and watch the ball as late as possible. Leverage is doing a great job. Keep up the good work and come up with new and challenging stuff in the future. Thanks for the help and best wishes from my side."
    K.L.Rahul | Player
  • "Spingball is very good tool for batting practice."
    Sunil Joshi | BCCI Coach
  • "With Spingball i could get to practice the lateral movement off the pitch. Its an excellent tool to improve batting skills. "
    Sanju Samson | Player
  • "I strongly recommend Spingball to every player. It helps me to schedule intense practice sessions and challenge the batsman. Spingball produces great off the pitch deviation on even cemented wicket. Thanks Leverage for the wonderful product."
    Bijju George | BCCI Coach
  • "Spingball and Speedarm are two great tools developed for cricket in recent times. Its very important for every cricketer to have in their kit."
    Ganesh | Ranji Coach
  • "Spingball generates great deviation off the pitch. I recommend this product to every aspiring cricketer. Its great tool for a coach to create complex and challenging practice for a batsman."
    Krishna Rao | BCCI Coach
  • "Honestly, I liked Spingball. It will be useful for young and professional cricketers as well. It produces great turn off the pitch, and very useful for those who takes practice seriously. Using Speedarm with spingball helps to reproduce swing deliveries when thrown straight at rapid pace . If you want to play spin, You should throw at slower pace. It is a good invention and very useful for cricketers."
    Rajkumar Sharma| BCCI Coach
  • "Spingball & Speedarm Combination is very useful for a coach. Using Spingball one can produce good spin deliveries. It compels a batsman to play consciously and one can produce hundreds of quality deliveries consistently which we cannot get in regular net sessions. One can also practice cutters effectively (Both In cutters and Out Cutters). When We throw at higher speeds it will deviate less in air like cutters and when thrown slow it will deviate more like spin. Its a very good coaching tool for cricket. There are fewer coaching tools in cricket and innovations like these will help cricketers alot."
    Sanjay Bharadwaj | BCCI Coach
  • "It is an excellent tool for practicing swing and spin. One can replicate English Swing and Deviation conditions on subcontinent pitches using SpingBall™. Very helpful for batsman for effective swing practice. Most exciting part of SpingBall™ is you dont need an expert bowler. Anybody can spin and swing."
    Poolchand Sharma | Cricket Coach
  • For any cricket academy or club, the biggest challenge is to get good spinners and swing bowlers. I was quite amazed to see SpingBall™. With simple throwing technique we can get maximum spin and swing. SpingBall™ is a beautiful alternative to a bowling machine.
    Atul Gaikwad | BCCI Level 3 Coach
  • "SpingBall™ is very good tool to practice swing and spin. It helps me to practice and learn to watch the ball till last second and play a right shot."
    UT Suri | Under 14 Player
  • "I can give quality practice to my kid with SpingBall™. The name of the ball suites it's action."
    Most of The Parents

Features of SpingBall™

Deviation and swing of the SpingBall™ can be controlled as desired.


Simulate vicious spin, seaming and swinging deliveries just by throwing/bowling the SpingBall™.


Create randomized deliveries for best batting practice.


SpingBall™ can be used on all types of surfaces (natural / artificial /cemented).


Advantagesof SpingBall™

Useful in creating unlimited bowling variations for the best batting practice. With SpingBall™ one can produce in-swing, out-swing, off-spin, leg-spin, right-arm and left-arm bowling variations.

Can be practiced in a small area (10 feet) to a full length pitch. Wonderful tool for throw-downs.

Great tool for improving reflexes, timing, foot work and hand-eye co-ordination.

A never before practice tool for wicket keeping drills.

Playing against the SpingBall™ is a challenge. A batsman will improve his concentration and temperament by practicing with the SpingBall™.


An effective alternative for a bowling machine.


Extremely useful practice tool at an affordable price.


Useful for anytime play. Practice it at camp or at home.

Technical Specifications of SpingBall™

1. Made of synthetic material.
2. Protruded seam for gripping the SpingBall™.
3. Apertures on one side of the SpingBall™ and an EXTRA SEAM on the solid side to produce effective swing in air.
4. SIZE -226 mm ( in circumference) ; WEIGHT- 155g.
5. Bat-feel, bounce off the pitch similar to that of a leather cricket ball.
6. Inner core with multiple densities inside the SpingBall™ to create spin and deviation off the surface.
7. Life of the SpingBall™ is twenty times more than that of a quality leather ball.

360 Degree View of SpingBall™


Why SpingBall™ is not deviating off the pitch?
It is mandatory to pitch the SpingBall™ on the seam. If it is not pitched on the seam, it will not deviate effectively. Practice throwing the SpingBall™ without spinning or tilting the wrist. Keep your wrist position straight and pitch the SpingBall™ on its seam.
Why SpingBall™ is wobbling in the air and off the pitch?
If the SpingBall™ is not thrown with the seam upright position, it will wobble in the air and off the pitch and shows randomized behavior.
Why is SpingBall™ deviating too much?
With increase in speed SpingBall™ deviates less. Try throwing/ bowling at an increased speed to get required deviation. However, there are two models available in SpingBall™s, one with a high deviation and the other with low deviation. Choose the SpingBall™ as per your requirement.
Can SpingBall™ be used in Bowling Machines?
The SpingBall™ should not be used in Bowling Machine (with throwing wheels/ rotors) as it shows erratic behavior and can pose a threat of injury to the batsman. One can use SpingBall™ in Bowling Machine which has throwing arm.
Why is SpingBall™ not swinging in air?
SpingBall™ should be bowled above the speed of 110kmph in an upright seam position to achieve an effective swing in the air.
Why is SpingBall™ showing erratic movements when it is rolled on the ground?
SpingBall™ is a specialty ball with different aerodynamics and physical characteristics compared to a normal ball. One should be careful while rolling the SpingBall™ on the surface or passing it to others, as it may not move as desired.

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